Fall 2009 Lecture Tour

Come hear me speak!

Nov. 18 – hosted by HARIF & Sephardi Centre at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Lauderdale Rd, London

Nov. 12 – Center for Jewish Life, Princeton University

Nov. 4  – closed to public – United States Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island

Nov. 2 – Journalism School, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

Nov. 1  – Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Montreal, Quebec

Oct. 30 – Congregation Shir Shalom, Woodstock, Vermont

Oct. 29 – Political Science Department, University of Vermont, Burlington

Oct. 27 – Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 23 – School of Journalism, University of Colorado, Boulder

Oct. 22 –  Smashing the Idols, Jewish leaders teach-in program, University of Colorado, Boulder

Oct. 21 –  Korbel Institute, Denver University

Oct. 21 – closed to public- Jewish Studies program, Denver University

Oct. 18 – TV Panel: Behind the Story, CTSTV

Oct. 16 – INTERVIEW: On The Line, CTSTV

Oct. 15 – Journalism Program, University of Toronto

Oct. 13 – Temple Beth Emeth, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Oct. 12 – Union of Progressive Zionists, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Oct. 12 – Center for Middle East and North African Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Oct. 7  –  Kahal Joseph Synagogue, Los Angeles

4 responses to “Fall 2009 Lecture Tour

  1. Recently I read a book by Dr. Avigdor Shahan “In the Footsteps of the Ten Lost Tribes.” From your travels in Afghanistan and Pakistan, have you come across these communitiesv (today obstensibly Muslims retaining some customs of b’nei Israel), who identify with the b’nei Israel? Do they dream of returning to Israel?

    • In Afghanistan, I didn’t meet Muslims who performed Jewish customs (although I too had read about them). I did come across Muslim families who cared for the Jewish cemeteries. In Herat there’s a family who cares for the large Jewish cemetery even though no one pays him anymore because there are no more Jews. His father and his grandfather before him did the same.

  2. Orly:
    That’s a “hellava” itinerary My international litigation prof is dean at WW School Princeton after Hrvd. Wondering if she knows of your visit? Anne Marie Slaughter.
    Be good. Take care. Later,

  3. Hi,

    I was at your lecture this evening at the Concordia journalism school. I asked a question about the western discourse surrounding the conflict. By that I meant negative western connotations of Israeli power and policy, and the way those notions become popular sentiment (in the west).

    I meant to reference the inherent asymmetry of power and state relations between Palestine and Israel, and how you address that in your work (very well, upon reading your blog).

    It wasn’t an attempt to bait anyone and I’m sorry if it seemed that way. Its just confusing to hear so much about a conflict that is usually described in terms of political motives rather than personal, human ones.

    Concordia has such a volatile history with the issue that I’m surprised you didn’t see my meaning.

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