Shalom, Salaam, bienvenidos

Orly Halpern appears elusive to the camera. (photo: Ben Hubbard)
Orly Halpern appears elusive to the camera. (photo: Ben Hubbard)

In contrast to my appearance in the photo, this blog will reveal, uncover, and expose the hidden, the distorted, the grey, and the shady of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

I will also provide in these lines my analysis based on my years living in and reporting from the region, where I am still located.

And I will share and vent my frustrations from my search for my B’shert – otherwise known as my Nasib or my Prince. He seems to be as elusive as peace in the Middle East.

We’ll see who or what comes first…

From Jerusalem with love, peace, sadness, and hope…


P.S. Isn’t the setting of this photo amaaaazing??”



  1. Lucian says:

    Just thought I’d add your first comment, Orly. Congratulations. You’re right – that’s quite a photo.

  2. Congratulations!

    An opportunity to promote change …

  3. CAvard says:

    Yes. A very nice photo indeed!

  4. Ramzi Edward says:

    Dear Orly, I am impressed with your blogs and feel happy to follow each other on Twitter. I’ll come back to read your articles and interviews.

    Your photo is so wonderful.

  5. ahmadzul says:

    Yes. interesting n potrays beauty vividly.

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